Sunday, July 25, 2010

Hi everyone, there's a new Veschi release at The Dressing Room Blue!    It's on sale for $L 69 and comes with sliver and gold accent options :)
flowrishing turquoise ad

Come on down and get some cheapies from all of the AMAZING designers at The Dressing Room Blue!

Check it out here!!!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Veschi fot The Dressing Room Blue!!!

Hi everyone, i am proud to say that I am part of the team for The Dressing Room Blue!    Here is my first release and it's on sale for $L 69. The belt is included :)
-Veschi- Cartunic for The Dressing Room

The second Dressing Room has some amazing designers including: [ glow ] studio, Emery, Kookie, Tee*fy, Veschi, Boon, CnS Emotion, BAIASTICE, Kunglers, Urbanity, Mimikri Hot Couture, AND (drumroll)....Maitreya as the first guest!

Check it out here!!!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Veschi for The Dressing Room, HUGE Sale and a Contest!

Hi everyone!  I have the honor of being this month's guest for The Dressing Room and I have created a special edition version of my Over The Top dress for the event.  You can purchase it HERE for only 70$L!
Also, I am having a GIANT sale in my new location at  HodgePodge, Sensation .  Every single fatpack is 50-75% off and all releases before April are 50% off!!!!! This means CHEAP! There's also a little contest/promotion going on.  If you buy a fatpack MARKED WITH A STAR, please send me (Alla Ruff) a notecard inworld with the transaction history for each one.  For every one of those packs that you buy your name will be entered in!  On May 5th I will randomly pick 5 WINNERS who will receive the ENTIRE Veschi collection plus an exclusive item that's not available anywhere!  Hit the sale up over here!!! Love you all!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

First real venture into blogging!

Hi everyone! I have decided to make occasional fashion blog posts here as well! My decision to do this was inspired by two awesome people in SL: Euni Kira, who helped me overcome my anxiety for blog picture editing, and Irie Campese, who inspires me to try and make looks that include my own creations in them because she's so amazing at it. You are both awesome people! I don't plan on deliberately including my creations in every post but if something of mine works well with an outfit I'll just throw it in there!
OK enough babble out of me! I shall post the pics of my first look now, yay!!!
 I often like to to make my outfits just a bit boyish so the navy blazer form Pink Outfitters and the awesome fedora from Lelutka were right up my alley!
I am completely, utterly in love with the Marianne skins from Vive 9. They are closed right now unfortunately but they are coming back bigger and better than ever and hopefully they will bring Marianne back with them!
If you knew me in real life and saw the amount of striped shirts in my closet you wouldn't be surprised the see that I include them in my SL outfits often.  This one was made by me and is currently sold as part of my discounted outfits on the second floor for real cheap so check it out!
The scarf I am wearing is a freebie from Mr. Poet! This scarf is super awesome on it's own but what makes it even awesomer is that it has 10 different texture options!!! (and it's very awesomely textured I might add! Have I said "awesome" enough times? lol)
To accessorize I wore my Blinged Out Beggar bag, because I thought the folds of it went well with the scarf folds, and a pair of Ashanti earrings from Pacadi as they go so well with the hat! I'm sure all of you already know this but for those who just came back to earth (and hey, that's perfectly alright!) Pacadi is having a huge sale on everything in the store so you better get your hands on the great stuff there before it closes!
I love combining yellows and oranges with navy!  So when I saw these flats from Atelier AM I was all sorts of "Yay!".  The pants I chose are from So Many Styles. I bought these a at a reduced price a long while back and when i went to look for them again I couldn't see them so it is likely that they are unavailable.  Worry not however! Irie has OODLES of other amazing bottoms available to buy :D.

I hope you guys have enjoyed my first post! Any criticism, feedback or suggestion would be uber duber appreciated so feel free to say anything at all!
On to the credits!
Hair: !lamb
Skin: Vive 9 - Currently unavailable
Jacket: Pink Outfitters
Pants: {SMS} (May be unavailable)
Shirt: -Veschi-
Scarf: Free! ::[ Mr.Poet ]::
Hat: [LeLutka]
Shoes: .+*AA*+.
Bag: -Veschi-
Earrings: [PACADI]

Mucho loveness,

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

New shtuff at Veschi! (Visit blog & Flickr for all pics)

It's release time again and I went crazy with options and colors for this one. So, because of the ton of pics I had to take for this release I will not spam this blog or any feeds with all of them but you can see each one on my Flickr page.
Meanwhile, I will show you some of the colors for each item and you can find them all for sale here :). There is also a stripey gift for my group members so make sure to join my Subscribo and pick it up! :)

First up are jumper sets called "Jump Her!" (corny, I know). There are 2 variations with 2 outfits in each set: the first with wide leg pants and booty shorts, the second with a skirt and tapered pants. There is also an option to buy a set of multicolored belts and borders for each color set!
jump her wide-booty merlot
jump her wide-booty sunny
jump her wide-booty coral
Jump her skirt-tapered powder
Jump her skirt-tapered seafoam
Jump her skirt-tapered spring

I liked the pants in these jumpers so much that I made them as separate items. Each pair comes with multicolor string belts and the tapered version comes with multicolor cuffs!
jump her multi pants

Next I made a dress that overflows at the top and comes with a wide belt with gold and silver buckle options. There is a solid and a two-tone version.
over the top dress solids turquoise
over the top dress 2-tones red beige
over the top dress solids green
over the top dress 2-tones yellow burgundy
over the top dress 2-tones green blue
over the top dress solids peach

for anyone who remembers the last Designers United event, these shirt will look familiar! The "Off The Chain!" shirt is available in 25 colors and each ones comes with options for gold chains, silver chains or no chains.
off the chain shirt green
off the chain shirt light blue
off the chain shirt hot pink
off the chain shirt light yellow
off the chain shirt turquoise

And finally, I made some cute hobo bags that also come with gold and silver options and are available in five colors!
blinged out beggar beige
blinged out beggar navy
blinged out beggar white
blinged out beggar black
blinged out beggar red
blinged out beggar brown

Here's the LM to Veschi once again and I really hope u guys like the release!
Lots of <3 always,

Monday, December 28, 2009

Veschi-ville For Designers United III

Hello worlddddddddd!
I just wanted to show you guys my input for the current DU event. This item will only be available for a week, so if you like it grab it while you can here along with the AMAZING creations of the giant list of talented participating designers.
The Veschi-ville outfit comes with everything seen in the pic (besides skin and hair) and the corset can be re-sized by clicking. There is an invisible prim around the corset base to ensure a fit on any waist size. The collar also comes with a no chain option for less lag creation.
Veschi-ville DU ad

And here is the list of the designers participating:
Casa CheerNo
chicada by nilGiha
Hair OH
Kyoot Army
LG Femme
Magic Nook
Royal Blue
Singing Moth
Split Pea
Tacky Star
This is a Fawn
Tiny Bird
Tres Blah

Here's the LM once again.

And a mondo thanks to Nil and Lu for this freakin' awesome event!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

New at Veschi (Please visit blog to see all the pics, the feed can't fit all of them :])

Hello dear dearest darling peoples. I finally released some stuff and I hope you will all like it. I also moved my main shop the the very awesome Thibedeau SIM where you can find my new Subscribomatic and join the Veschi group to receive something very nifty in the history. Yes, its a free box full of presents :D.
You can find my new store here :)

Okeydokers, on to the releases:
First is the No Strings Attached Coat. It comes with scripted prim attachments so u can resize them and change string texture.
No Strings Attached colors 3
No Strings Attached colors 2
No Strings Attached colors 1
Next is the Lemme Borrow Yer Bag Grandma Purse. There's an option of gold and silver, with 3 sets of stones to choose from. Each purse can be worn on shoulder or held in hand.
Lemme Borrow Yer Bag Grandma Ad
Next, I made some leggings....all sorts of leggings...funky nifty ones!
partially parallel colors
Bling Banger colors 1
Bling Banger colors 2
Beast Friends Forever colors part 1
Beast Friends Forever colors part 2
Next is Bourgewhat? - a top with several layers and prim collar and sleeves that you can buy in solid tones or 2-tones.